As part of Teri’s profession as Winnipeg’s top empowerment photographer, she meets daily with women of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds. It didn’t take long for her to realize that all of these women had one thing in common….they all hated parts of their body and while for many of them an empowering photoshoot was a great start to helping them on their journey to self love, there had to be more, and thus Body Image Bootcamp (TM) was born!

After copious amounts of self study on the subject of body image, self help, and relying on a Strengths Based approach through the Clifton Strengthsfinders, Teri realized that at the end of it all, it was never about the body, but rather about the stories we tell ourselves and it was about setting appropriate expectations, educating the self on why we are the way we are, so we can thus go forward and empower ourselves and others to make changes necessary to facilitate a healthier relationship with the self.

Body Image Bootcamp held it’s first course in the fall of 2016 and since then it has taken off and spawned into so much more than that.  Teri realized that as one person she was only capable of helping a small number of women, so she created a facilitation course for others to learn the Body Image Bootcamp “way” and be able to offer it as a coaching tool, event & workshop, or whatever they see fit. In addition to that, while BIBC gets the “body image ball” rolling, some people require constant guidance, support, and resources, so the Bad Ass Babe’s Club was also formed to be the continuation of self love & exploration.

Overall, it is Teri’s hope that if we can help more women shift their focus from changing their bodies to changing the world, then our future generations of girls will be unstoppable!